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Expert Love Advice
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Free dates ideas
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THis is nearly free, take a quarter and glue it to a heavily traveled sidewalk, videotape people trying to pick it up, Laugh about it when you get back.


For those who are out there that just go to the movies stop it it isn't a great way to get to know your date. This is a fun date for everyone. You get a huge group together the bigger the better. You start at one point (lets say it is a school or something, you choose) You then have people running on foot and a couple of cars. You must do this at night. The people running on foot are the fugitive and they pretend that they escaped from prison which is the beginning point. The people in the cars are the Cops. You then have an ending point and everyone on foot has to get there. They are running away from the cops trying to get to the other place. It is a fun date Idea because you then can hide with your date, get scared, run with your date, get to know your date, and it is a fun group activity.

Music what can be better?

What you do is you get your date at your house and you have a cd next to the couch playing your favorite music. You then have your date lay on your lap and you stroke their hair. Or move your finger around their face while they listen to music. It is just really relaxing and fun.

Sound Scavenger hunt

you have a list of sounds and a tape recorder. You then split up into teams, and you go try to get as many sounds as you possibly can in a limited time. You only can get one from each place

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Your comments 'Free dates'

I have done this tons of times its ok but itgets boring after awhile
By: rach

Music what can be better?
Why not use a laptop with a DVD player....

Sound Scavenger hunt
im going on a sound scavenger hunt
By: kim

i love you good job on this site keep it on
I can not tell how i fill today geting through to rhis good site of yours for a whole day i was on this site having good time and makeing move to my care in life i am a comedian i find things that make mean more to my carrer, I most say your doing a good job on this site keep on God will bless you all that brought this good idea.
By: Goodluck Bright C

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