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Funny and odd facts about women

Women can talk longer with less effort than can men. That has been proved repeatedly. Why? Because the vocal cords of women are shorter than those of men and so release less air through them to carry the sound. It's all a matter of breathing.

The average woman uses up approximately her height in lipstick every five years.

Ladies in nudist camps tend to use more makeup than ladies elsewhere.

Ladies, do you daub perfume between each of your toes? It's a matter of record that Cleopatra did. When she set out to meet Mark Anthony, history records, she even sprinkled perfume all over the sails of her barge.

Approximately three million women in the USA sport tattoos.

One hundred years ago, a woman thought herself to be particularly gifted if she were one of those who grew a faint moustache. That light down on the female face was considered most attractive then.

On average, a woman kisses about 79 men before getting married!

King Ferrand of Portugal was held captive from 1213 to 1226 by the Turks. They demanded ransom, but Portugal's Queen Jeanne refused to pay for her husband's return. She had beaten him in a chess game, and he had therefore hit her on the nose with his fist. It upset her considerably. (Perhaps this is why many women don't play chess, and why we need to deal with pent-up anger before the game begins.)

It's the unmarried girl under the age of 21 who's statistically most inclined to get a headache. It's a proven fact, too, that few patients in mental hospitals eve get a headache.

All the women in the world put together weigh just about 85 per cent as much as all the men.

It is far easier for any woman afoot than for any male pedestrian to catch a ride in traffic, no? No, not when it comes to the roving cab driver in big towns. They tend to pass up the little ladies to pick up the old boys every time when there's a choice. Men tip better. Much better.

Whether women actually need more sleep than do men is not the point. The point is they take more sleep- ordinarily, an average of 52 minutes more during each 24 hours- according to a recent survey.

Women's hemlines go up as the economy gets better. They stay put when nothing happens in commerce. They go down when business drops off. Questions is why. Nobody knows why, evidently, but the record indicates the pattern dates back more than 65 years.

It's the claim of a coin expert named Edward Rochette that the great Cleopatra was ugly. A piece of money was minted in Egypt during her reign there from 50 to 30 B.C. It shows her features to be almost grotesque. Rochette says those ancient coins were quite accurate. He also said it's highly doubtful a queen with Cleopatra's power would permit coinmakers to portray her as the possessor of forbidding features unless in fact she was downright homely.

A scholar who has made a study of genes contents left-handed mothers are more likely than left-handed fathers to produce left-handed children.

The ladies of old Rome customarily put perfumed swan's fat in their bathtubs filled with donkey milk.

Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for the telephone companies. More cards are purchased for Mother's Day than any other occasion.

Girls get about five times as many warts as do boys.

Studies conducted by University of Southern California psychologists show that women are more subject to feeling depressed and "down in the dumps" than men.

Psychological studies show conclusively that, while emergencies tend to upset a woman more, in a real crisis she is likely to remain calmer than the average male.

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