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How do you psyche yourself up to ask a women out ?

How do you psyche yourself up to ask a women out ? when youve been noticing them for awhile .. and youve talked to them a couple of times .. but just cant get up the nerve to ask her .. ? by: lixid

Good question. All my life, Iíve been too coward to approach women. The fear of looking stupid in front of someone you like, being laughed at, or declined makes me feel too shy to make the move.

However, when I finally did it, I felt like having more control of my wants. I psyched myself to think that if I never make the move, Iíll continue to waste my time wondering and hoping. I psyched myself to do it very casually, lightly and perhaps silly, that way, I can laugh about it easier if things went wrong. (Maybe thatís why women think weíre so silly about our pickup lines.)

So my tip: Try approaching her and telling her the truth. Just be honestly raw to her about the positive (or possible flattering) thoughts and feelings you have towards her. Approach her when sheís alone or ask her if you can have a minute to talk to her. Tell her in a quiet and calm voice (a quiet whisper enough for her to understand your words) that you have been noticing her for awhile and thinks sheís pretty. Start it out with: "I hope that what Iím about to tell you wonít offend you or scare you. Iíve been trying to have the guts to do this for awhile now, but this is all new to me and Iím frankly not good at this. Anyway, here it goes. I find you very attractive and would like to get to know your personality. Iíll be in so-and-so tomorrow (or give some date/time) and would like to hang out with you. Would you like to take a walk / Meet up for cofee...?" Basically let her know you want to hang out with her in a lightful manner. Perhaps see a movie and a coffee date. Tell her you have some tickets to the local cinema and ask her if sheíd like to join you and use it up. Hope this helps.
thanx alot this info helps out alot .. :-) i really appreciate that .. thanx again ..
by: lixid
by the way, if you donít want to ask her out and just want to sleep with her, tell her that your gay but you were so mezmerized by her beauty that you found yourself instantly attracted to her and would like her to be your first female experience.
by: missre
Psyching yourself up to tell a woman youíre gay wonít solve the problem. Psyching yourself up to feel like you have good qualities that she may find interesting enough to talk to you to pursue a friendship, relationship or just a fling may be better.

Your question is what state of mind you could put yourself in when asking her out. You may find yourself gaining more self-confidence doing this exercise. (Unless you realize you donít have any good qualities, in which case, Iíd advise working on gaining some good qualities before complicating your life with a woman.)

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